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How does our design consultation work?
Our program works like this. We charge $50 (it’s usually $100, but you can get a coupon for $50 off on our website) and we have a professional landscape designer come out to your home to meet with you and evaluate your needs. This usually takes less than 1 hour of your time and, if possible, the designer will give you an estimate at that time. If you need a design, the designer will base the cost of the design on your individual needs and desires. Whatever the cost, it is rebateable if you buy from us! When the designer calls to set up an appointment with you, they will go over all of the details. 

What does the average design cost?
That depends on your needs and the designer will discuss that with you when they call. If you would like to have a designer come out, fill out the online form for design consultation or call us (952.361.9954) and we can take down some information and a designer will get back to you within two business days to set up an appointment. (Designs could be as little as $50 for a rough sketch to over $1,000, but the cost will be determined by your needs)




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