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Did you know that the Southwest Metro is known for its heavy clay soil? Although clay is great for making pottery to put plants in, when it comes to growing plants in clay soils, it is much more difficult to work with.


Are you tired of plastic edging that pops up just right for the lawn mower to chew it up? Or edging that cracks and flattens so bad you have to replace it every few years?

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Using the right amount of mulch is critical to your landscape. We install all mulches 3"-4" deep because less than that won't keep the weeds down and more than that may cause root-rot.

Patio & Retailing Wall Material

Form or function; aesthetics or durability; practical or extraordinary? We believe you can have all these and more with a properly designed and installed patio or retaining wall!

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Weed Barrier/Fabric

We use DeWitt Company™ landscaping products and plant fabrics because they are the number one choice of professionals in the lawn and garden industry. We have discovered that DeWitt's high-performance, quality products save time in long term maintenance, are environmentally safe and are an excellent value.

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