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Shredded Hardwood      Cedar Mulch

Baled Mulch-ECO Bales!

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Using the right amount of mulch is critical to your landscape. We recommend installing all mulches 3"-4" deep because less than that won't keep the weeds down and more than that may cause root-rot. We use landscape fabric only under rock mulches as the benefit of having wood mulch is negated by using fabric under it.

When it comes to wood mulch products, we use and sell only mulches that come from healthy trees forested for timber. The bark from the wood mulches releases "tannic acid" as it decomposes, which is a natural pre-emergent weed control. In addition, our wood mulches will not transfer diseases to your soil or plants, but will actually improve and enrich your soil, creating happier and healthier plants. We carry shredded hardwood bark mulch, shredded cypress and shredded cedar mulch.

Our rock mulches are all screen-cleaned and washed, not "pit run". We have access to a variety of rock, enabling us to match your existing rock or find one that complements your home. The advantage of rock mulch is that it lasts forever; the disadvantage is that it doesn't help your plants grow healthier.

Whichever you decide on, whether installed, delivered or picked up The Mustard Seed is here to help!



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