Kay Halla


Licensed Landscape Architect

I earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Soon after graduating, I moved to Minneapolis and worked for Halla Nursery, thus meeting Mark Halla. We married and moved to Maryland to gain more work experience in the landscaping industry. While in Maryland, I worked as a Park Planner, creating the planting plans for new and existing county parks. Job responsibilities also included working with developers to obtain parcels of land for development of the county's open space network. After a few years, Mark & I returned to Minnesota to work for his family's business and raise a family. I soon became a Licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Minnesota. This involved meeting stringent work experience requirements and passing a national exam. In order to keep my license current, I am required to take continuing education classes, which I love.

Mark and I started the Mustard Seed out of our love for landscaping and to freely express our faith in the workplace. I enjoy meeting with clients and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness that individual personalities bring to the landscape design process. Whenever practical, I like to use natural stone and wood products rather than man-made materials. It is important that the landscaping compliment the proportions and style of the home as well as age gracefully. Most of all, I want the designed spaces to be used and enjoyed! My philosophy of gardening is like that of my faith: plant in good soil, keep well-watered, grow deeply-rooted, get rid of the weeds, prune out the dead wood, and enjoy the fruit and flowers!