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CBD and Children

Many parents across the globe are turning towards CBD as an alternative to traditional therapies for their children. Perhaps the most famous case, which led to medical legalization for pediatric patients in the United States, is Charlotte.

Charlotte had her first seizure at 3 months old, and by the time she was three years old she was in a wheelchair, stopped talking and couldn’t eat. She demonstrated autistic type behavior and significant cognitive decline. After numerous doctor visits, Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome – an extremely debilitating and rare form of epilepsy.

Charlotte and her parents tried every pharmaceutical remedy they could think of over the next few years, but Charlotte didn’t improve. With nothing to lose, Charlotte’s parents turned to CBD. Within one week Charlotte dropped from 500 grand mal seizures per week to zero seizures. The results were baffling to doctors.

After hearing of Charlotte’s success, many parents have started administering CBD to their children to treat seizures, autism behaviors and anxiety when traditional treatments fail.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you think your child may benefit from daily CBD, talk to your doctor. While the scientific evidence on CBD use in children is minimal, there have been many subjective reports of relief from parents and their kids.

Critical Research

In the May 2017 publication of The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics, researchers reviewed the history of cannabis use in pediatrics and current medical literature to assist healthcare providers in giving the most current treatment information to their patients.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse published an article about the biology and potential therapeutic effects of cannabinoids. Researchers found that CBD has wide-ranging therapeutic effects, including anti-seizure, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-tumor, antipsychotic and anti-anxiety properties. The article further reviewed 25 studies on the safety and efficacy of CBD and did not identify any negative side effects across a wide range of doses.

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Between news coverage, personal testimonials, and the growing support from medical professionals, there is a good chance that you have heard of or know someone who has had a positive experience with CBD (cannabidiol). After hearing about CBD or the possible benefits on the news or from a friend, you may be interested in learning more for yourself. Here are the basics to get you started.

CBD is short for cannabidiol

Derived from cannabis


No toxicity levels

No known serious side effects

Cannabis is the most studied plant on Earth

Scientific and clinical research indicates CBD’s potential benefits

The Endocannabinoid System is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health


CBD Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Things are changing in the cannabis world and what we all knew simply as weed has become a convoluted system of terms and symbols. The discoveries we are making about the cannabis plant and its different components have started to shed light on understanding how this plant interacts with our bodies. The awareness of CBD (Cannabidiol) and the endocannabinoid system in the medical world has changed the face of cannabis entirely. Although we have known about this cannabinoid for some time, information about it has been largely suppressed until now. Isolating the different compounds of cannabis finally gave us an insight into the synergistic effect taking place after cannabis ingestion. That in combination with discovering the complexity of the endocannabinoid system has given us scientific evidence to show the role cannabis plays in your body’s regulatory functions.

Vapes and CBD

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