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Santa's Reindeer at The Mustard Seed

Saturday, November 25

Come out to The Mustard Seed and see some of Santa's Reindeer for the Holidays! The reindeer will be available to visit during most normal business hours from November 24th through December 23rd.

Reindeer Facts: More Info Here >>>
Reindeer are cousins of Caribou.  In Europe they are called Reindeer all the time. In America we called them Caribou in the wild species. Reindeer developed in the Tundra regions of Europe and Asia and have been domesticated for 5,000 – 7,000 years or more. Caribou developed in the tundra regions of North America, the bulls are much larger than Reindeer bulls, and are not domesticated.
Scientific Name: Rangifer Tarandus.