Rachel Mueller

Rachel Jensen Mueller

Rachel Jensen Mueller

Landscape Designer

My earliest memories of playing in the dirt are of helping plant the big vegetable garden at my childhood home in Mankato, MN.   My father would till up the large plot - the best feeling in the world was walking through that fresh till with bare feet.  Of course I didn’t appreciate all the “yucky” (my technical term!) vegetables I had to eat but I have since grown to really appreciate what nature provides and how it has formed who I am today.

I received my B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and recently received my A.A.S. degree in Landscape Horticulture from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, MN.   After graduating from UWEC, I worked in the corporate world in the Twin Cities for a number of years until my husband and I decided to return to Mankato to raise our children.

Even though my career path hasn’t always been in the green industry I keep returning to it because of the desire to work outside and find ways to help people have a positive impact on their green spaces.   When I returned to the work force, I worked for local florist and for six years I was the Vineyard and Grounds Manager at a ten acre vineyard.   I also worked last summer as an intern for a local nursery and garden center.  This internship not only helped develop my muscles (from “Tree Boot Camp” to carrying around all those shrubs and trees!) but also gave me an opportunity to educate customers while helping them choose suitable plants for their landscapes.

I am a member of the Minnesota Landscape and Nursery Association and a Master Gardener.  My soul and creativity are fed by being a plant geek and designing sustainable landscapes.    I call landscape design “painting with plants”  - finding the right plant for the right place and encouraging people to go outside to check out the canvas.    I look forward to creating new canvases with The Mustard Seed!