Eric Hagen


Landscape Foreman

My interest in the field of horticulture started in 1984 during my senior year of high school when I attended a daily 3-hour class for outdoor occupations. I learned the basics of plant identification, design and landscape installation. It was then that I found I had a real passion for working outdoors and creating things with my hands. My goal then was to get a degree in horticulture and see where that took me. In 1992, I received a two-year degree as a Landscape & Nursery Technician. In 1994, I became a Certified Landscape Professional through the Minnesota Landscape Association (MNLA). Since then, I have obtained a Power Limited Low Voltage Lighting Technician license. I have also completed a course on low voltage lighting and am now a Certified Illuminologist. I have been  installing Aquascapes Pond Systems for over 15 years.

My personal interests include my love for northern Minnesota where I have a cabin and enjoy family vacations. I have a real love for animal. I enjoy the pond I have installed in my back yard. One of the best parts of my life is my beautiful wife, who I have been with since 1992. We both enjoy the simple side of life - exercising, trying to stay fit by living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying visits with friends and family. Another major interest for me is anything technology. I consider myself a self-taught "computer geek". This is an on-going learning situation that I thoroughly enjoy.

I have a great deal of love and devotion towards my job, the people I work with and the job I do. I tend to be a perfectionist and take pride in doing the best possible job.  I have faith that this is my life's path to happiness and good health.