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CBD Education and Review

Thank you for having 2 fantastic educational classes about CBD, with your CBD expert this last May.

 I understand you carry a variety of high quality CBD products now.

 My husband liked the very well explained science of CBD and to my surprise bought and has used your Coastal Green CBD for 4 weeks now.

 He has noticed decreased anxiety driving to work, decreased hip pain; even though he still runs every morning for exercise, and his blood pressure has lowered; which he tests weekly at work. 


For me, I need a high quality CBD Tinture/Vape for daily use to help decrease severe chronic pain. I have now switched to only using Coastal Green CBD because I believe your product is highest in CBD per mg than anything else I've tried so far.

It is easily ordered online or I can pick it up at The Mustard Seed Garden Center off Hwy 101, it's priced right, and its very effective for a variety of issues. 

Mary H.

Adam and Kari Fletcher Chanhassen


I just wanted to send you a quick note about our previous experience with The Mustard Seed:

My wife and I could not be happier with the experience we had with your staff.  I feel bad and do not remember everyone’s names who helped us, but we worked with Cory at our home and at the Garden Center.  He was very open and laid out a plan that was exactly what we were looking for.  The staff at the garden always walked us through everything we had questions with and were very happy and eager to help.

We will always speak highly of you and your staff and we look forward to using The Mustard Seed again in the future!


Adam and Kari Fletcher


Dale Nelson Grace Church Public Safety Manager

Hi Mark,


  Thank you for the excellent work…  I can’t believe how your team transitioned our monuments from ugly and boring into a eye pleasing, God honoring gardens of beauty.  All of this in just one week.  Since the completion of this project we get compliments on a regular basis. Please thank your team for doing a great job and having an eye for detail.  Please feel free to take pictures to share with your customers.




Dale Nelson

Public Safety Manager

Tom & Mary Poppendieck

Hello Mark,
I’m sure you know that a great landscape architect makes all the difference in an excellent landscaping job – but probably you didn’t know that we chose Mustard Seed because Rick Yokiel works there. He worked in the past with our original landscape architect and has a reputation for designing great natural landscapes. Now that the work is done we are thrilled that we chose him to design our property’s new look. We especially appreciate the flowing routes that are created by the walkways – they make the front entry much more inviting and tie the back deck to front of the house in a graceful curve, flowing out to the grass yard or onto the front deck. The large boulders, the choice of plants, the on-site time Rick spent making sure everything was in the right place - all contributed to the stunning results.
I’m sure we could have had the same amount of work done for less money elsewhere, but there is no way we would have ended up with the graceful, flowing lines and coherent, connected landscape without Rick’s wonderful design.  As I’m sure you know, he is a real treasure.
Of course, execution is also critically important, and Eric Hagen did a masterful job of organizing the work and getting it done. He and my husband, Tom, became friends during the week and Tom came to appreciate his broad range of skills.
We are considering on-going maintenance by Mustard Seed, but here we have a problem. We often travel on business, frequently for weeks at a time. We know how to get work done and how to manage bills remotely, but it seems that your business is not set up to accept our business if we happen to be out of town. Every service that works on our house and yard has a method of accepting remote payment, but apparently we have to come to your site to pay, or be able to put a check in the mail (not practical from overseas). So I hope that you will find a way to update your payment systems so we can use your services in the future, even when we are traveling.
Meanwhile, I want to repeat one more time how pleased we are with Rick’s and Eric’s work.
Mary Poppendieck
Eden Prairie

Kristi Ryan


Thank you so much for the gift certificate you sent. You surprised us again with your over-the-top customer service and caring! We love doing business with you and are enjoying our beautiful yard, thanks you guys. We will be seeing you soon!

John & Sherry

Thank you for taking the time to read this short note! Although I have been in your store a number of times in the past year, my first meaningful experience with You, and your people was just this last fall.

I purchased (2) corn cribs from you, and had your crew put in a Patio on the inside of one of them. You and your crew were a joy to deal with from the very first moment. They were fun, professional and simply a pleasure to have out to our home.

I hope we can do a lot of great projects together in the coming years.

Francis and Terri Cheung, Chanhassen

Mark, Kay and the staff at Mustard Seed did a fabulous job of transforming our yard into a beautiful landscape with an amazing stone stairway, walkways, and lots of perennials and several trees! They, also, built a stone firepit in our backyard that fits into the natural surroundings of the woods and a pond. We love it and use it as much as we can! We have been extremely satisfied with their wonderful work and they have the most friendly staff which made the projects go so smoothly. We look forward to working with them again for the next project. Thank you to Mark and Kay and your hard working guys for giving us a beautiful yard and making the experience so enjoyable! 

The Egertsons

“Thanks for all the effort and the Great Attitude. You’ve been a pleasure! We appreciated the high quality of service and excellent attitude. Everyone really had a welcome level of professionalism. We will call for the backyard. Thanks again!”


“Many thanks for another job well done. The crew was so respectful and attentive to detail. Gary will be home later this week, but I’ve told him how lovely it is. The work you do is such a blessing to those who are fortunate enough to experience it. Looking forward to our next project!
Again, thanks to all!”

Donna Cochrane

“Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our yard. The knowledge, creativity & ideas you provided us truly enhanced the look & feel of our lot. Your team showed up on time & was friendly helpful & professional. I would highly recommend The Mustard Seed to anyone needing a landscaper.
Thanks again!”