What We Do Best

When asked “What Do We Do Best”, here are some of the responses we received:

  • This is a close one between quality of work and customer service.  The quality of your gardening work/design is absolutely outstanding, but I think I have been most impressed by your customer service.  I have always been able to get the help I need in a very timely manner and I have always received service that has exceeded my expectations.  Additionally, the service I receive has always been provided so cheerfully! 


  • You are kind and considerate. The crew even allowed our children to “help”, which was a huge experience for them.


  • You listen to what the customer wants, taking into consideration the existing surroundings, and you are willing to come back if things aren’t exactly right the first time. Your employees exhibit a real sense of caring. It’s obvious they are doing what they love, not just earning a paycheck.


  • Relationship building. This was done well through:
  1. Communicating to the client and keeping in touch while the project is being planned, underway, and afterwards.
  2. Your teams work well with clients during project work to make sure the process is what is desired (rather than waiting until the endpoint).
  3. Making yourselves available through numerous ways (e-mail, cells, etc.)
  4. Bringing your expertise and help/advice in areas that help the homeowner even though it is something you weren’t contracted to do (e.g. the irrigation system and lot drainage).
  5. Making sure project is done on-time and on-budget (being very detailed on prices).
  6. Follow-up visit afterward with book/gift.
  7. It is clear that you care about the people/client and their satisfaction.


  • Listen and Advise. We very much appreciate the way you and Kay have listened to the problem and understood our goals. Instead of just “order taking”, you ask questions and then advise or give us options. Other landscapers/designers have done what we asked even if it wasn’t the best way to proceed. Your care and concern for the overall environment as well as the beauty of our yard was evident. I guess this means your ability to see the big picture as well as the smaller ones.


  • Every person that works at The Mustard Seed is kind, gentle and very knowledgeable about your business, and very willing to help. You have warm friendly employees!


  • Your personal customer service is what jumps out to Terry and me. We have been pleased with the quality of your products.


  • You have excellent customer service, extremely courteous staff, great work (attention to detail) and fast service. Your Christian faith gives us great faith in your honesty and integrity. We really admire your outreach in form of thank you gifts, Christmas and Easter mailings.


  • Your integrity, honesty, following through with everything, friendliness and responsibility of the work crew. We like the 1 year guarantee for the quality of the plants, good design & quality materials, communication was good, the designers listened to our desires and concerns and incorporated those things into the plan. It was nice to work with a Christian company—your witness to the community is evident to us and we appreciate that you took time to get to know our family.


  • Organization, timely execution (beyond compare), engaged and friendly employees who go beyond what is expected and surprise the client. You exhibit ethical conduct, creative solutions and wonderful listening skills with a focus on educating the client. You truly deliver customization. Others deliver very “signature” solutions which often do not reflect the client as much as the provider.


  • Phone calls and emails are returned promptly. You apply no pressure and you show up when you say you will. Although you are a business, I feel like we became friends immediately.