The Mustard Seed Landscaping & Garden Center offers domestic and Japanese koi for the water gardening enthusiast. Let us help you pick the right variety for your pond. All fish have different requirements on what they need. The requirements vary from the depth, surface area and water current of the pond, size of fish, etc… We also carry a large selection of water plants that you can add to your water garden to maintain a healthy ecological system.

Different kinds of fish available

The comet is a variation of the standard goldfish. It has a long body with graceful fins and tail and can grow to 15" in length. They come with a variety of marking and colors, from red to white and from one little spot to one solid color. Comets can handle a wide range of water temperature. They feed at all water temperatures and can survive close to freezing water. This makes the comet very suitable for shallow ponds with little water current.     

The shubunkin is another hardy gold fish variety. They are very similar to the comet, except they come in an even larger variety of colors. The more popular varieties are black, purple, red, blue, and brown. The blue coloration is usually the most prized of all the colors. They also can grow to 15" in length at maturity.

The most popular of all the water garden fish is the koi. One look at the koi and it is easy to tell why. These fish come in any color and pattern you can imagine and can grow to a remarkable 42". Koi have quickly become a collector's item and are classified by their markings. The most popular koi are Kohaku, Showa, Asagi, Ogon and Butterfly. Because koi have a digestive system that shuts down when the water temperature is below 55 degrees, they don't require any food during our long Minnesota winters. They go into a dormant state where they lie on the bottom of the pond and sleep. They will still need oxygen, however, and you should have a hole in the ice kept open for the winter or keep your pump running.

What to look for

When buying a fish, make sure that you deal only with a reputable supplier. Look over the fish very closely to make sure no scales are missing or fins are damaged. Damaged or injured fish are susceptible to infections and diseases. Choose a fish that is lively and swimming with its dorsal fin erect. Reject any fish that appears to be scraping the bottom of the tank, or has lesions or abnormal growth, as these can all be signs of disease.

The knowledgeable team at The Mustard Seed Inc. will be glad to help you select the right fish for you and your pond. Call us today and let's go fishing!