Garden Center Manager


General Responsibilities: Fully responsible for all phases of the garden center including purchasing, display and layout, merchandising, sales, hiring and scheduling of employees, training of employees, staff meetings, quality control, advertising for garden center and landscape departments, and all aspects of plant propagation, planting, and maintenance. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hiring of garden center personnel.

  • Supervision of garden center personnel.

  • Daily scheduling and start-up of personnel.

  • Preparation, counting, and balancing cash registers every morning and evening.

  • All retail sales.

  • Inspection of garden center, at least once a day, for weeds, insects, diseases, damage, moisture problems, pruning needs, signage, quality control, etc…

  • Organization and purchasing of all materials and plants for the garden center and landscape departments.

  • Entering and updating bar codes, sale prices and dates, purchase orders, shipments received, etc… into the computer on a daily basis.

  • Supervision of propagation, planting, and maintenance of all plant material for the garden center and landscape departments.

  • Handling and correction of all complaints.

  • Writing and placement of all help wanted ads for the garden center department.

  • Preparation, placement, and scheduling of all advertising, special events, and promotions for garden center and landscape departments.

  • Proper completion and entering of all retail sales including deliveries, plantings, or pick-ups.

  • Training all employees as needed on cash register, phone answering and voice-mail, price book, customer relations, plant identification, plant care and maintenance, etc…

  • Pruning, spraying, fertilizing, weeding, etc… all plant material including display plantings.

  • Pricing and inventory of all plant material and merchandise.

  • Proper winter protection of all plant material including display plantings.

  • Inspection and maintenance of all buildings and greenhouses at least weekly.

  • Cleanliness of entire garden center and nursery sales areas.

  • Removal of all diseased or second quality materials or plants.

  • Ordering all hard goods for garden center and landscape departments.

  • Maintenance of sprinkler system including start-up, shutdown, draining, repairs, etc…

  • Offering input on future growth, improvements, product lines, etc…

  • Willingness and ability to become a Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional.

  • Willingness and ability to obtain a Chemical Applicators License.

  • Putting in whatever effort is required to complete any and all assigned tasks.

  • Enforcement of the company’s policies and manual.