Landscape Designer


General Qualifications: This person needs to have a unique combination of design skills and salesmanship and must possess a sincere desire to be of service to The Mustard Seed’s clientele. This person must have the personal motivation to adapt to the seasonal pressures and time commitment in exchange for the flexibility and financial remuneration available.

  • Design: Must display competency in all phases of completing a landscape job: from measuring and plotting, through conceptualization, delineation and estimating, to field staking and supervision. This individual must be creative and innovative in conceptualization, and practical yet flexible in execution. This position requires an excellent knowledge of horticulture, good drafting ability and speed, and substantial knowledge of hard-goods installation.

  • Sales: Must possess and convey attributes which appeal to The Mustard Seed’s clientele and represent our organization and the landscape industry in a professional manner. Must have the desire to provide the client with the best value possible and at the same time up-sell the products we carry.

  • Ability: A proven track record is desirable and the capability to assess and solve design problems and needs a must!

  • Personality: Good communication skills, friendliness, persuasiveness, and a charge ahead attitude!

  • Professionalism: Unquestionable motives and ethics, and punctuality in returning calls, keeping appointments, meeting commitments, etc…

  • Enthusiasm: A true desire to serve, as well as confidence in our organization, our products and services, and your own abilities.

  • Accuracy: Extremely important and integral to the customer’s confidence. As an independent businessperson, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of each and every order you sell, including, but not limited to, pick-up orders, deliveries, and installations. You are responsible for all errors and omissions in pricing, measuring, designing, and estimating.

  • Leadership: Self-starter, organized, efficient, and able to assume command in closing sales, making recommendations, and leading your crew!

  • Solicitation: Although we provide leads when possible, we highly recommend you spend time cold canvassing for leads. It has been proven time and again that a Designer willing to seek out work is more successful.

  • Dress: No specific dress code is enforced, but Design Consultants should dress in a manner that represents professionalism, competence, creativity, and success. Design Consultants must always represent The Mustard Seed in a professional manner.

  • Status: Some designers prefer to be independent contractors while others prefer to become employees. The different options can be discussed at the time of your interview.