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The Mustard Seed awarded Hedberg Award of Excellence

Posted: April 01, 2006


The Mustard Seed awarded Hedberg Award of Excellence for Outstanding Design, Craftsmanship & Installation of Natural Stone Wall/Patio for Westwood Community Church project.

Westwood Community Church is the setting for this impressive water feature.

This award-winning landscape (2006 MNLA Award of Merit and 2006 Hedberg Award of Excellence) features a large entrance monument of solid stone, with waterfalls on each side. One of the 3’ waterfalls forms a peaceful and translucent sheet of water that reflects during the day and seems to dance and glow at night, symbolizing the tranquility and peace that is found only in Christ. The other forms a rambunctious torrent of raging water, showing God’s power and strength. The pond is indeed “living water” as it provides habitat for a myriad of animals including birds, toads, frogs, and raccoons. Due to the location of the monument, no fish or water plants were used and an auto-fill was installed to reduce maintenance requirements. Low voltage nightlighting not only illuminates the sign, Westwood Community Church, but also highlights the waterfalls and adjacent landscaping.

Designed by: Kay Halla, Registered Landscape Architect, The Mustard Seed, Inc.

Installed by: The Mustard Seed, Inc. Landscaping and Garden Center
 Certificate of Merit, Westwood Community Church project. 2006 Hedberg Award of Excellence

Click the pictures below to see how the 50 tons of Chilton out-cropping stone was used to create this impressive entry monument for Westwood Community Church. To read about project goals and description click here.