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Miniature Garden Workshops

Posted: March 22, 2015

Miniature Garden Workshops - 2 availible times will be offered on Saturday April 4th at 10am or 2pm. The workshop cost will be $30. Sign up by adding the time you would like to attend to your cart, click on the cart and then check out!

The cost of the workshop includes, a cute planter, soil, a couple miniature plants & some natural accents plus some detailed instructions & tips on creating a miniature garden.

Then we will help you get the creative juices flowing to create your personalized garden! Each attendee will have the option to purchase embellishments from our selection of miniature benches, stepping stones & fairies, just to name a few things. Attendees are welcome to bring their own trinkets from home that they might want to work with.

Miniature Garden Workshop
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