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June Gardening Tips

Posted: June 01, 2016

Tip #1
Harvest all large and small strawberries when they are fully colored.

Solution #1
Harvest strawberries every other day by pinching the stem of the berry with your finger and twisting as you pull. This allows you to catch overripe berries and to ensure high quality fruit. 


Berry Picking

Berry Picking

Tip #2
Eliminate June Drop, when the apple produces more fruit than the tree can support allowing immature apples to fall to the ground.

Solution #2
 Thin apples by removing all but one or two of the developing fruit in each cluster or one fruit every 6-8 inches along the stem.



Tip #3
Stop picking Rhubarb after eight to ten weeks of harvesting.

Solution #3
This allows leaves to grow and the plant to build up enough energy for next year's harvest. Eating summer rhubarb is not poisonous, but it can weaken the plant.

Harvesting Rhubarb

Harvesting Rhubarb