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We carry hundreds of varieties of plants from unusual specimen material, evergreens, and shrubs, to shade and ornamental trees in a wide range of sizes. In addition, if we don't have it, we can probably get it-just ask about our "special order" process. We offer only top-quality plant material to ensure that your landscaping flourishes and provides value to your home.


Trees can be discussed in two forms, shade and ornamental.
Shade trees are effective in the landscape by providing attractive backdrops, framing, screening, and of course shade, which helps reduce energy costs and create a relaxing retreat. They also help reduce bitter winter winds, something every Minnesotan wants! We have trees available as small as potted or as large as 30-year-old field grown specimens. 
Ornamental trees also create attractive backdrops or screening, but at a lower level as these trees are more compact in size. Their small stature allows them to be placed in many areas throughout the landscape enabling you to enjoy their spectacular colors, fragrances and even fruit. There are 100's of choices to choose from and the correct tree for you will be determined by your site conditions and desires. We would be happy to help you select the proper tree for your landscaping needs.


The possibilities seem endless when looking at all the varieties of shrubs available. Sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are the characteristics that vary with each variety. Shrubs provide function in the landscape through privacy screening, foundation plantings, wildlife habitat, beauty and fragrance. The best place to start is by determining the size you desire the plant to grow to. With a narrower focus, you then can choose by your color or shape preferences. It all sounds so simple, but you still have to keep in mind the light exposure for these plants. Don't let yourself feel overwhelmed by these choices, just call us and we would be happy to offer you our professional opinion.


A landscape would not be complete without the inclusion of evergreens-especially in Minnesota with our long winters! They are ideal companions with other trees and shrubs in your landscape. Evergreens offer unique colors, textures, and shapes throughout the growing season and make a statement in the winter as they are viewed against the snow. Whether it is hiding a view, blocking sound or simply adding year-round color to your environment, let us help you solve your landscape problems with the proper evergreen selection.


Seasonal color is the perfect finishing touch for any plant installation, whether it is vibrant annuals for planting beds or brilliant tropical patio material for poolside containers. Perennials and grasses have become integral components in the gardening revolution; let us help you incorporate these into your landscape. Quality is critical when it comes to performance, we are happy to provide the best quality plant material you can find.

We offer a vast array of annuals, perennials and tropical patio plants which can complement any decorative planter, window box or container. Don't limit yourself to just annuals in your containers; perennials and grasses are a fabulous complement to each other!

You can find color selections and bloom times from spring through autumn; the possibilities are endless, just let your imagination run wild! Winter interest can also be achieved with the addition of grasses when you wait until spring to cut them back!


Annuals are often referred to as bedding plants. These plants provide a big impact of color during the growing season but wither away as the temperatures get colder. Having to replant these in the spring offers you an opportunity to try something new!
We have over 6000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space full of annuals, perennials and vegetables. We are continuously getting in new shipments of plants each week. We have gorgeous full hanging baskets, many different container gardens and also water garden containers.Stop in and see our quality selection of plants today!


Perennials are appreciated not only for their flowers but also because they only need to be planted once! They do die back to the ground and sprout new growth in the spring. A little maintenance is required to clear away the tops that have died back and some may need the woody stems cut pruned back to make room for the new growth. Perennials come in all shape, sizes and colors. The shortest growing ones are referred to as groundcovers as they hug the ground and creep around the surface. Selection for these plants is best based upon the light requirements, space available, and mature size for the area they are to be planted in. There are thousands of varieties of perennials to choose from with a vast array of colors, bloom times and textures available.