Water Gardens


In the spring of 2008, I looked for a landscape designing firm to ‘transform’ my back yard into an oasis, where I could enjoy the Minnesota summers – and perhaps the winters as well. While I was pretty open as to the design of the area, I definitely wanted a water feature included. I also wanted to have the option to install the design over 2-3 years.

After reviewing the credentials and references of several landscaping companies, I decided to ask The Mustard Seed, Inc. for a proposal.
Their designer, Cory Whitmer, met with me and listened carefully to my requests and my vision. Well within a week, Cory came back and provided me with four, yes four (!) different design options and related pricing.
It was obvious, he had understood what I was looking for and had built on my ideas considerably improving on them. The design was beautiful and fit very well into the garden taking advantage of its size, shape and the current features.
But design was one thing, now it came to the implementation: The Mustard Seed team consisted of three installers under the supervision of Eric Hagen. They arrived as committed, and implemented phase 1 of the plan within three days.
The result was a beautiful, gorgeous water feature much beyond my expectations! Waterfalls, a pond, plants and trees incorporated into the design.
The installation team completed a high quality job, cleaning up all along the way, and ensuring that everything was in order and working. Cory checked on the final product once completed, and one of the installers returned to adjust the lights according to my request.
Thank you Cory, Eric, Errik and Matt – an outstanding job, extremely well done, and the result is absolutely gorgeous. I can hardly wait for Phase 2.
Ulrike (Rike) Harrison