Landscaping Materials


Did you know that the Southwest Metro is known for its heavy clay soil?  Although clay is great for making pottery to put plants in, when it comes to growing plants in clay soils, it is much more difficult to work with.  Amending the clay with peat moss and manure is a great way to enhance the soil in your yard.  However, amendments are not just limited to clay soils; the amendments we use will help any soil promote dynamic root growth!

Peat Moss helps retain moisture and adds volume to the soil by breaking up the tight particle bonds.  As with most products there are different grades and qualities and we hold true to using the highest grade of long fiber peat moss available.

Manure may make you turn up your nose up but don’t worry, the manure we use is 100% composted and odorless—you would guess it was soil if you saw it!  Manure contains nutrients and enzymes that are usually lacking in our soil and are beneficial to the growth of the plants.  We use only 100% manure, ensuring you get what you pay for and not a lot of filler material.

Transplant Root Stimulator does what its name entails; it stimulates the roots of transplanted plants.  This product contains beneficial fungi called Mycorrhizae that inoculate the roots and enable them to take up nutrition up to 4000% more effectively!  When your plants are planted, we loosen up the roots to encourage them to grow out and the Root Stimulator helps them to grow more quickly, thereby reducing the shock of being transplanted and helping them to reestablish healthy root systems more rapidly. 

Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer that last 8-9 months in the soil in Minnesota.  With its poly coating it is safe to be incorporated in the soil when planting and will not burn the plants roots.  Once applied, you can kick back and relax knowing that your plants are being fed for an entire season.


Cobra Hi-Test

Cobra Hi-Test

Are you tired of plastic edging that pops up just right for the lawn mower to chew it up? Or edging that cracks and flattens so bad you have to replace it every few years? We use Cobra Hi-Test poly edging features a unique, corrugated side baffle and durable lip that provides superior grip in a variety of soil types. The extra-heavy top bead withstands abuse and sun exposure. Each 5" x 20' strip weighs 7 lbs. (not including connector).


Using the right amount of mulch is critical to your landscape. We install all mulches 3"-4" deep because less than that won't keep the weeds down and more than that may cause root-rot.

Patio & Retaining Wall Material

Form or function; aesthetics or durability; practical or extraordinary? We believe you can have all these and more with a properly designed and installed patio or retaining wall!

Weed Barrier/Fabric

We use DeWitt Company™ landscaping products and plant fabrics because they are the number one choice of professionals in the lawn and garden industry. We have discovered that DeWitt's high-performance, quality products save time in long term maintenance, are environmentally safe and are an excellent value.

Landscape fabrics are the safe and easy solution to permanent weed control for your rocked, planting areas.

DeWitt's landscape fabrics have the following features:

  • Suppress weeds without chemicals
  • Allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots
  • Enhance plant growth
  • Are easy to install and use
  • *Lifetime Guarantee*
  • Pro-5 Weed Barrier™ is the industry's best 5 oz. woven, needle punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use.
  • Pro-5 has been approved by leading landscape architects and government agencies. We will not use plastic in a landscape bed, unless you have a water problem, because it suffocates the soil and will not let moisture, nutrients, and oxygen penetrate the soil like fabric will. We recommend weed barrier under rock mulches only. Using weed barrier under shredded hardwood mulch takes away the soil improvement be