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April Gardening Tips

Posted: April 01, 2016

Tip #1
Now is the time to start applying pre-emergent to the lawns and garden beds.
80-85% of all weeds come from seed, for best results, apply when you see Forsythia and Lilacs just about to bloom.


Tip #2
Start mowing as soon as the grass turns green and begins to grow.
Set your mowing height to 3-3 ½ inches, as taller grass develops deeper root systems. Mow often enough that you are removing ONLY a third of total plant height, this will reduce the stress on the plant.

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                                                                                Ideal Mowing Height


Tip #3
Divide and transplant summer and fall blooming perennials that had poor flowering, open centers and floppy growth.
Begin as new growth appears, typically less than 3-4 inches of growth. Use a shovel or garden fork to dig out the clump and use a knife to divide the clump into smaller pieces. Amend each new hole with compost and peat moss. 

Dividing Perennials


Tip #4
Prune evergreens to control size, remove damaged branches and direct growth.

Pines send out new growth from the tips, remove ½ of new growth of expanding buds to control size.

Spruce can be pruned back to a healthy bud at a slight angle to prevent an entryway for insects.

Arborvitaes produce growth on old buds and should be pruned back to a bud or branch. Make sure the bottom is wider than the top.