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October Gardening Tips

Posted: October 01, 2016

Tip #1
This month is peak planting in the bulb garden.


Solution #1
Start planting spring flowering bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocus’s.  Dig a hole two to three times the vertical diameter of the bulb. 


Tip #2
Finish planting non-cold hardy perennials and evergreen shrubs early this month.

Solution #2
The later you plant, the less time perennials and evergreens will have to get their roots established before winter. Limit planting to cold hardy perennials that can handle our winters.


Fall Planting of Evergreens

Fall Planting of Evergreens

Tip #3
Continue planting shrubs as they are available and the ground is still workable.

Solution #3
Cool, fall weather is perfect for planting, as there is less stress on the plants.