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September Gardening Tips

Posted: September 01, 2016

Tip #1
Improve the seasonal show in your landscape by adding shrubs with excellent fall color.


Solution #1
For reds and oranges, plant Spireas, Chokeberries, Sumac's and Burning Bushes


For purples, plant Dogwoods and Rhododendrons.


For yellows, plant Witchhazels, Roses and Viburnums. 


Tip #2
When harvesting apples, store in a cool area such as spare fridge or basement.

Solution #2
Do not store apples with other vegetables, as they give off ethylene gas. This encourages ripening and shortening of storage life. 


Tip #3
Transplant Peonies now until first frost kills the tops.

Solution #3
Leave at least three to five eyes per division and replant so that the eyes are no more than one to two inches below the surface.