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Tom & Mary Poppendieck

Posted: October 14, 2015

Hello Mark,
I’m sure you know that a great landscape architect makes all the difference in an excellent landscaping job – but probably you didn’t know that we chose Mustard Seed because Rick Yokiel works there. He worked in the past with our original landscape architect and has a reputation for designing great natural landscapes. Now that the work is done we are thrilled that we chose him to design our property’s new look. We especially appreciate the flowing routes that are created by the walkways – they make the front entry much more inviting and tie the back deck to front of the house in a graceful curve, flowing out to the grass yard or onto the front deck. The large boulders, the choice of plants, the on-site time Rick spent making sure everything was in the right place - all contributed to the stunning results.
I’m sure we could have had the same amount of work done for less money elsewhere, but there is no way we would have ended up with the graceful, flowing lines and coherent, connected landscape without Rick’s wonderful design.  As I’m sure you know, he is a real treasure.
Of course, execution is also critically important, and Eric Hagen did a masterful job of organizing the work and getting it done. He and my husband, Tom, became friends during the week and Tom came to appreciate his broad range of skills.
We are considering on-going maintenance by Mustard Seed, but here we have a problem. We often travel on business, frequently for weeks at a time. We know how to get work done and how to manage bills remotely, but it seems that your business is not set up to accept our business if we happen to be out of town. Every service that works on our house and yard has a method of accepting remote payment, but apparently we have to come to your site to pay, or be able to put a check in the mail (not practical from overseas). So I hope that you will find a way to update your payment systems so we can use your services in the future, even when we are traveling.
Meanwhile, I want to repeat one more time how pleased we are with Rick’s and Eric’s work.
Mary Poppendieck
Eden Prairie