The Mustard Seed Mission

Our Vision… 

"To build a well-rooted and respected company connecting people to God's creations."

Our Mission… 

"To enhance lives and lifestyles by developing positive relationships and experiences integrating unique ideas, plants and landscape services." 

We will be guided by the following principles and core values:

  • Strong Christian values and principles will guide our company, including the following areas:
    • Business ethics, especially integrity and fairness
    • Dealings with our associates, business partners and customers
  • We will be professional and proactively involved and supportive to achieve a positive impact with everyone and in everything we deal with including our industry and our community. We will provide the training needed, the learning experiences required, the educational opportunities, and the leadership to make a difference.
  • We will continually aspire to excellence, especially in the areas of business practices, dealings with our customers and business partners, in the standards we set for ourselves and others, and in the way we work with and develop our associates.
  • We will work towards success in all areas and strive to maintain balance between material goals and personal successes, growth and satisfaction. We recognize that our financial successes must be achieved in tandem with the development and nurturing of positive relationships with our associates, our vendors and our customers.
  • We will focus on providing positive experiences for our customers, not just on individual transactions. We recognize that we must provide these positive experiences not just in the store and with the services we provide, but longer term in our consumers' homes, businesses and lives.
  • We will be good stewards of the resources we are given from the environment, our community and our society. We will share and volunteer our time, efforts and finances to make a positive difference in these areas.
  • We will work to develop positive relationships based on respect, trust, honesty and loyalty with our associates, our business partners, our customers, and our community. We will celebrate our successes and learning opportunities together, with the knowledge that none of us can individually achieve what the synergy and power of a team effort can.