The success or failure of plants depends on their care.  Good soil, sufficient water, pest control and adequate drainage are necessary for plants to live.  To the original purchaser, with a valid original receipt, The Mustards Seed Warrants as follows:

We will re-supply once, at no charge, all regularly priced trees, shrubs, and evergreens which fail to survive one full year from the date of contract, labor not included unless originally planted by The Mustard Seed.

We will re-supply once, at no charge, all regularly priced perennials which fail to survive the remainder of the growing season in which they were purchased; labor not included, even if originally planted by The Mustard Seed.

EXCLUSIONS:  Discounted or sale plants, annuals, fertilizers, soil amendments, travel & delivery fees, sod, seed, balled in burlap plants (when planted by customer) and labor (unless originally planted by The Mustard Seed) are not included.  Warranty does not cover acts of God, mechanical or animal damage, vandalism, or any damage to plant outside of The Mustard Seeds control.

PROVIDED THAT YOU:  Follow proper planting, maintenance and winter protection procedures as outlined in our maintenance sheet…Do not over or under water…Make prompt payment of your account when due…Furnish original proof of purchase…Report any plant failures within the one year period.

All orders are accepted on the above conditions and no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is assumed.  We want your plantings to succeed and will be glad to advise you with respect to their proper care.