Gator Training

Gator Training

Gator Training sign off form


·         Never operate gator without being properly trained by your manager first.

·         Slow down! We have lots of customers and vehicles that aren’t expecting a small moving vehicle moving around behind them.

·         Watch for people and especially children when driving through the parking lot or display areas that may move suddenly into your path of operation.

·         Always close and latch tail gate.

·         Always drive slowly when turning and going around corners.

·         Always back in and park when returning gator to the front of office.

·         Always engage parking break when parked or stopping and getting off machine.

·         Riders should always be seated in seats or seated in back.

·         Report any unsafe operation to your manager.


·         Walk around the machine before you get on. Look for debris or objects around, in front or behind the gator that may get ran over if driven.

·         If you are the first person to drive in the morning check oil.

·         Check all tires for air by kicking them with your toes. They should feel firm when you kick them.

·         Do a quick check for fuel by lifting the driver’s seat to check fuel gauge.


·         During weather below freezing park inside.

·         Always use glow plugs (indicator light on dash) when starting in cold weather.

·         Shift lever must be in Neutral position to start.

·         During colder weather let engine warm up before driving.

·         Always let engine come back to normal idle before engaging shifter into gear.

Driving and Parking:

·         Always depress brake with foot and then release the barking brake lever by pulling up and depressing button.

·         Always return engine to idle before shifting into gear.

·         Always use a quick constant movement to shift into gear with engine at idle.

·         Always back in and park when returning gator to the front of office.

·         Never leave the seat up in the rain to avoid issues with water in the fuel tank.

·         Be Safe!